Welcome to CollinsHackleFarm.com.  We'd like to thank you for your interest in our line of hackle products.  Our goal is to provide you with the finest feathers available at a reasonable price.  As you will see, our site is simple.  I've never been much for frills: just great service and quality products backed with an iron clad guarantee.

Collins Hackle Farm has been in business for over 30 years, quietly raising and developing a select line of genetically bred tying birds that will rival the bigger names in the market today.  Our colors are vibrant--with our feathers having short stiff barbs and a minimum of web.  All breeding stock is tested twice to assure you receive hackle that does not twist or break when wound onto the hook.  It's a pleasure tying with our hackle due to the slim, subtle quills possessed by each feather.

This line of tying birds comes from Harry Darbee, Dick Bittner, Andy Miner, and my friend, Doc Fried.  All of these individuals had a tremendous impact on the hackle market and we are proud to give them the credit they justly deserve.

As of July 1st I will no longer be wholesaling capes to fly shops.  The only way to obtain the remaining capes raised by Collins Hackle Farm is to purchase directly from me.  I estimate that supply will last 3-4 years and when it's gone it is gone forever.

Thank you for your patronage and I look forward to serving your needs as long as product remains.

Seeking Assistance
If you need assistance we encourage all of our customers to contact us.  Unlike many growers, we have an extensive fly tying background, having tied commercially for years.  We know what it takes to tie a quality fly and these characteristics are bred into our birds. When dealing with us you deal directly with the grower--not a stock boy or secretary having little knowledge of the business.  If we are not available we will return your call promptly upon our return.

Many commercial fly-tyers purchase our commercial grade capes to maximize their profits.  These tyers tie hundreds of flies each year.  their business and reputation rest in good part on the hackle they use.

At the risk of sounding boastful, these are the finest $20 capes you will purchase ANYWHERE.  Commercial capes, saddles, dubbing, and garbage bags can only be purchased directly from us.  Hen sets and grade 1, 2, & 3 dry fly capes can be purchased direct or from our select listing of dealers.

Our Guarantee
We started raising capes because of dissatisfaction with what was available years ago.  Like many of you, we got "burned" a number of times dealing through the mail so we understand any reluctance that you may have.  Our guarantee on anything we sell is simple: if for any reason you are dissatisfied with an item you receive from us, return it in the original condition for a prompt refund or replacement - NO QUESTIONS ASKED.  Our service is prompt and so are our refunds.  You will not be stuck with any item you do not like.  If you order outside of the continental United States you do so at your own risk and with no guarantee.

Available Color
As you read our listings you will note that we carry a wide range of barred colors.  We cannot recommend these colors strongly enough.  Barred capes give that "buggy" look that a solid color just can't replicate.  You use barred colors just like grizzly - alone or mixed with another shade - to produce a multitude of effects.  In the sun your flies will "sparkle and dance" due to the way the light plays off the variations of color in each feather, breathing life into you fly.

Natural Colors Dyed Colors
Duns - all shades Black
Grizzly Barred Med. Dun
Brown Barred Dark Dun
Black Barred Brown
Cream Medium Smokey Dun
Barred Cream Dark Smokey Dun
Barred Duns Golden Grizzly
Barred Ginger Olive Grizzly
Cree ($20 over list to established customers only)
Lt. Ginger

Our Prices
All capes are sold with their matching saddle patch at no extra charge.  It is like getting 1/3 to 1/2 cap FREE.

Grade 1 $75.00
Grade 2 $55.00
Grade 3 $35.00
Spade Hackle $5.00 The most outstanding dryfly tail you will ever use!  Enough to tail 3-5 capes worth of dry flies.

Commercial Grades (2 ways to purchase):
1) colors of your choice - $25.00
2) Grab bag, 4 capes.  (colors of MY choice) - only $70.00

Hen Sets:
$25.00 each.  You pick the color
Grab bag: 4 colors of my choice - ony $60.00



$8.50 on orders $40 - $199

Orders under $40 are not accepted

Postage is FREE on orders totaling $200 or more!

New Items

200 Plus Packs $10.00  
Cree Saddles $25.00 The only saddles we sell.  No, we will not select by size.  "You get what we got".
Saddle Grab Bag   We have a limited supply of saddles you can purchase one of 2 ways:
  1. you can pick your colors - $20.00
  2. a 3 piece grab bag where I select the colors - $45.00
Natural Black Wooly Booger Saddles $20.00 supply limited
Fur bags 7.95 A large selection of dubbing & streamer fur in a 9x6 bag
Bucktails 4.00 ea Buy 10 or more and the price is 3.50 each.  The available colors are yello, tan, rootbeer, brown, Lt olive, olive, sculpin olive, olive green, black, white, shad gray.  Colors can be mixed.
Deer hair strips 12.95 This is spinning hair in a roughly 3"x15" strip.  Available colors are natural brown, golden brown, rusty brown, dark brown, olive, sculpin olive, dark olive
Rabit fur 5.00 Large piece for wet nymphs, hair jigs, etc.  Do not recommend for dry fly bodies.
Available colors are blue, purple, tan, sculpin olive, olive, white, red, lt olive, craw orange, rust, black, dark brown
Penetrating head cement 5.00  
Midge krystal flash 4.00 Available colors are black, red, gold, copper
Muskrat/Beaver Fur Bag 11.95  
Stonefly Chenille 2.50 Black/olive
Seal brown/coffee
Seal brown/ginger
Uni 3/0 tying thread 2.50 Brown, black, olive, red, white, dun olive
Dansville 3/0 monocord thread 2.50 Brown, tan, olive, dark brown, black
Loon Ergo hair scissors 17.50  
Delux ceramic bobbin 5.75  
Strung Maradou 1/4 oz 3.50 3" - 4 long
Black, brown, sculpin olive, olive, dark brown

All fur bags are 9 x 6

Purchase $50 or more of hair/fur (not including capes) and I will send one of the jigs I tie for smallmouth.  All products sold here are items I personally use.  I wouldn't sell what I didn't use.

We are routinely adding new items.
If you don't see a product listed, give us a call.

How to Order
Send us a short note listing grade, color, and quantity of capes desired.  A secnd choice will be helpful in grade or color if I happen to be out.  With your note include payment for items including postage.  New York State residents are also required to include 8% sales tax.  Payment can be either personal check or money order.  Sorry, but I do not take credit cards.

Collins Hackle Farm
436 Kinner Hill Rd
Pine City, NY 14871
Phone: (607)734-1765

Thank you again for your interest!

NOTICE: BUYER BEWARE!  If you purchase my capes from people not listed in our dealers section, you may be purchasing a subpar item.  There are those that purchase low grade capes from me at shows, upgrade them, and then resell them to the public.  If you are in doubt, call us first to ensure you will be getting what you are paying for.